PFEW motivates future entrepreneurs


Tabitha Engel, Pinnacle Club Editor

PFEW, which stands for Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week, is a program that operates during the summer and is offered to juniors and seniors. It is typically held at Lycoming College in Williamsport. The objective of this program is to allow students to experience what it would be like to be in control of their own business. The program could be beneficial to future business majors, entrepreneurs, or just those who are interested in learning new skills that will benefit them in their work-life later on. Each year a few students from Hamburg attend this program. Amber Miller attended PFEW last summer and was willing to share her experience with others in order to encourage people to participate in PFEW and inform them about it. 

Amber says PFEW has “amazing opportunities” and she believes that it is a beneficial experience for anyone “looking for self-growth.” Once someone arrives at the program, he/she is paired with a roommate. The people who were in Amber’s program came from a variety of places including Erie, Elizabethtown, and Halifax. Amber believes that this is “a good way to prepare someone for college,” as the rooms resemble dormitories. She stated that there are three branches within the program – accounting, marketing, and design. Most of the projects at PFEW are group-based. The main project Amber worked on was a company called “DripTek”, which sold luxury smartwatches. One event Amber was able to recall was Junk Night, where different groups would work together on presentations. There was also a variety of fun non-business related activities. Amber said that this included “a dance, ice cream socials, and a swim party.” This was done in order to lighten the mood a bit as it could become a bit stressful if they had to constantly work on their projects. 

Overall it seems as though PFEW is an enlightening experience that students at Hamburg should take advantage of. It is especially beneficial to those who are looking to pursue a career in business. While those interested in business may be more drawn to PFEW, anybody can benefit from it. It teaches skills such as time management, communication skills, and problem-solving. As Amber mentioned in her interview it is not always about work. PFEW offers many opportunities for fun throughout the program such as dances and ice cream parties. Ultimately if someone is interested in business or improving themselves they should consider attending PFEW. 

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