HAHS performs Beauty and the Beast for senior citizens


Bethany Stufflet

     On the 16 of November, Hamburg Area High School had a special performance of the musical Beauty and the Beast. What made that performance so special was the fact that HAHS opened their doors to senior citizens and provided them with dinner and a show. The show was held in the high school auditorium, and the dinner was held in the cafeteria. Dinner was not free but the show was.

     Arianna Barata is a senior at Hamburg Area High School, and she played Babette the feather duster, as well as Belle’s understudy in the musical. She said her favorite part of the night was hearing the senior citizen’s opinions on the show and the overall night. She feels it was important to have this special performance to make our local citizens feel welcomed in our school and give them a fun and entertaining night. Overall, Arianna had a great time and said, “I love senior citizen night! It’s nice to have a smaller audience before our main shows, and they’re always so kind!”

     Barry Driesbach said there were approximately 200 senior citizens that attended the performance. He also said, “the main reason for doing this is because the majority of senior citizens do not like being out really late in the evening.” That explains why the performance was early and why they like to include this performance.