Teacher Spotlight – Mrs. Krause

Carlee Stitzel

     Mrs. Krause is an emotional support teacher and also helps co-teach Personal Finance. Mrs. Krause started teaching in 2013. Before teaching here, she used to cut hair since 1990 and she went to a votech for cosmetology. 

     When she started in Hamburg it was easy audjuting to the schedule and getting used to the people. She decided to come to Hamburg because she heard a lot of good things and her co-workers are more like family. 

     She used to manage a couple salons and was used to being busy and talking to people. Mrs. Krause left the salons for a change in careers. She worked every weekend for a lot of hours. She needed a change of pace so she came to the school. 

     Mrs. Krause loves working here and her favorite part of teaching is when kids come back after they graduate. Her least favorite part is watching kids struggle in and out of school. She can help the kids by just being here for them to listen and support them in any way she can. She will assist them with any academic struggles as much as she can and just to also be a constant person in their daily routine to show them the support they need. 

    Mrs. Krause’s favorite things to do outside of school are to do crafts, read, go golfing and ride motorcycles. She has a fourteen year old son named Harrison.