Student Spotlight – Peyton Snyder


Deja Wagner-Wakefield


     Peyton Snyder a sophomore at HAHS who is enrolled in BCTC’s early childhood development program. She picked this program because she wants to become a kindergarten teacher and she liked to work with little kids. She has been involved in cheer for 11 years. This year she is looking forward to cheer competition, because that is her favorite part of cheerleading. She also used to play softball for six years, but quit due to falling out of love with the sport. 

     Without cheer she says, “She would get very bored and would have to start a new sport because cheer has been a big part of my life.” While she is an exceptional student-athlete, Peyton’s favorite class is English, because she enjoys being taught by Mr. Haegele. Her least favorite is biology, because Mrs. Farina being out on maternity leave. She also feels the classes are very long and slow because “watching videos for notes gets to be very long and boring.” 

      While being very busy with school, BCTC, and cheer she finds time for her hobbies, which include “spending time with my horse Stromi.” She says, “I know it’s not the fondest memory but my favorite is when she stepped on my foot.” She is an amazing cheerleader. She is also very sociable and an amazing friend. With this she attracts many people to her. Hailey Quinn, a friend of hers, has known her since sixth grade and what makes her stand out to her is “her beauty and her kindness to others.”