Mrs. Texter teaches at HAHS


Hannah Kristiniak

     Mrs. Texter is an English teacher at HAHS and this will be her 25th year teaching. Mrs. Texter went to Rosemont college and double majored in English and Education; she also earned a graduate degree at Middlebury College.

     Mrs. Texter first started teaching at vo-tech school in Philadelphia and she taught there for five years. She then came to Hamburg and has been teaching here since. Mrs. Texter teaches all levels of English 10 and AP language.

     When Mrs. Texter first went into college, she knew that she wanted to go into English, but did not know she would be a teacher. She thought that maybe she would write, but as another plan she majored in education as well. After spending time being a student teacher, she was sure she wanted to be an English teacher. Mrs. Texter really likes teaching because it is nice to work with and get to know her students. She says, “At first you would think it’s just about the subject and teaching it, but really it’s about getting to know your students and working with them.”

     Mrs. Texter stays busy with her children and all their activities, but some of her hobbies include walking, reading, and cooking. She also loves to travel, so her family likes to go on road trips and recently she and her son volunteer at a food bank. 

     Kirra Goetz, a sophomore, has Mrs. Texter 3rd period. She says it is a decent class and she is excited to read Into the wild soon because it is entertaining.