Get excited for Hawk History Seminars

Sara Fitzgerald, Senior Memory Pages

The teachers at Hamburg in the history department are inspired by different topics and hope to diversify the topics discussed for those interested in history. The meetings usually take place on Day three but this year the seminars will be spread out throughout different flex days to accommodate different people. The seminars are held in Mr. Kline’s room, occasionally held in the LGI for guest speakers, and a few times held outside for a more visual learning experience. 

     Mr. Kline started the seminar because of fast AP curriculum does not allow for all topics to be covered. For example one of Mr. Kline’s favorite topics, John F. Kennedy’s assassination, is covered in two and a half sentences in the AP textbook. He believed a seminar would be a great way to cover interesting topics that would not be covered in a fast-moving class. Mr. Kline wants students to attend his seminars because it is “a different vibe” to get kids passionate about history without a grade attached to it. People can learn for the sake of learning without the stress of a test. The seminars allow for the students to drive the topics, allowing for more participation and passion about what is discussed. The students who attend these seminars have commented that they knew the content better, enjoyed learning and did not regret attending.