Student Spotlight: Grace Cromyak

Isabella Forte


      Grace Cromyak is a student at Hamburg Area High School. Grace is well known for her golf career and good grades. At home, Grace is usually walking around her neighborhood, watching movies, doing homework, and listening to music. She also has an excellence in doing cosmetics. 

      Maddy Redding and Grace have been friends since the start of the year. They have great relations and can always spark up an interesting topic to talk about. “I think Grace is very nice, mature, she always makes me laugh. She’s a great role model for everyone around her, and I’m glad I got to meet her this year.”

      Grace was also a dancer for 11 year. She did it from when she was only two, until 14. Grace eventually quit dancing to do golf. Grace had also done soccer for five years. She started when she was four, and stopped when she was nine. She loves to take her two lab dogs, Benny and Bear, for walks. 

      Grace Cromyak is a great student here at Hamburg Area High. She excels in her learning and has always been a great role model for other students.